Top Technology trends Transform the Mobile App industry In 2021

Olivia Cuthbert
4 min readApr 14, 2021


As the global market continues to go digital, one thing that has not changed is the advent of mobile apps. Today, people use mobile apps for all their needs, whether ordering food, reading a book, or even booking a doctor’s appointment. Statista estimates that the mobile app industry will generate a whopping $935.2 billion in revenue by 2013.

So, there is no doubt that the latest mobile app development trends have contributed a lot to making the industry profitable and advanced. But what does the future hold for mobile app development?

Will the current trends in the mobile app industry continue to revolutionize the app development industry, or will new mobile app development trends replace the existing ones and lead to more growth?

What are the new courses in mobile app development?

Here are five of the latest mobile app development trends to revolutionize the app development industry in 2021.

| 1. The emergence of conversational chatbots

The first and foremost trend in the mobile app industry is the conversational chatbot. No, you may have heard of chatbots, which are robust AI applications that automate customer service tasks. Chatbots use intelligent AI algorithms to answer users’ questions via email or message automatically. But until now, they have lacked the human touch needed to fully automate customer service and make it less dependent on humans. That’s where conversational bots come in.

Personalized, conversational AI solutions understand and mimic human behavior most effectively. This way, users can get more valuable and customized responses without having to worry about human eyes. Moreover, the use of machine learning algorithms increases the solution’s reliability and efficiency with each service.

With these great features, conversational bots have become a successful mobile app development solution.

| 2. Low/no-code app development

Another remarkable and reliable trend in mobile app development is the development of low-code or no-code apps. Yes, this is true.

With the improvement of the technological era, the app development market has become huge. However, the days when you had to write hundreds or thousands of code lines are a thing of the past. Today, instead of writing huge codes, people are using many configurations and high-level GUIs to develop smooth and feature-rich mobile apps.

This trend in the mobile app industry has changed many things in the app development industry.

Thus, due to the speed of development, cost reduction, and scalability features, no-code or low-code app development has become a global trend in mobile app development.

| 3. Apps for wearable devices

The development of wearable apps has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. According to reliable sources, in the US alone, almost 24% of adults use wearable devices in their daily lives. The development of wearable apps is, therefore, inevitable in 2021.

With devices such as smartwatches, health monitoring systems, fitness bands, and trackers, the market for wearable app development is growing exponentially. Although the growth is still steady, will widely use wearable apps in the coming years. The launch of WatchOS 6 has already kicked off wearable apps, and we will see this become the most lucrative trend in mobile app development in the coming years.

| 4. Mobile wallets

Today’s role of mobile apps in the fintech industry is undeniable, especially after the massive success of mobile wallets. The growth of digital banking and the rise of the pandemic have rapidly fuelled mobile wallets’ growth in recent months.

Today, people no longer have to wait in long queues at banks or ATMs to meet their payment needs. One-click on their mobile wallet is all it takes to perform transactions such as money transfers, mobile payments, NEFT, and so on. Moreover, these mobile wallets also offer great discounts and reward points to their users, which increases their customer base.

Today, some of the leading mobile wallet apps are PayPal, GooglePay, ApplePay, Stripe, AmazonPay, etc.

| 5. 5G Technology

Finally, we have 5G as the most promising trend in mobile app development. The launch of new 5G smartphones by major mobile companies, including Samsung, has created a recent boom in 5G technology. According to reliable sources, the number of 5G smartphones will increase rapidly by about 1478.7 million by 2024.

It simply means that better speed, better load time, better network connectivity, and greater traffic capacity are a must for future mobile applications. Apart from that, rapid testing and seamless addition of features without compromising app quality will also become common after introducing 5G technology.

Who knows, maybe we will see many more mobile apps based on 5G technology shortly?

The future of mobile app development

In conclusion, since their introduction, mobile apps have become an essential aspect of the global market. Since the advent of mobile apps, the industry has always experienced highs, and now there is no turning back. So, to innovate and make a profit in your online business, must be trending mobile app development!

So, top app development companies in India create a successful app in just a few clicks. Also, make sure to validate these technology trends as we cannot know what can be a boon or a burden for your business.



Olivia Cuthbert